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Feeding the needy in Ramadan

The planet Mercy team was out in full force throughout Ramadan feeding the needy.

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A Successful Ramadan

By the grace of Allah swt Madina Institute Oldham held its first Ramadan Taraweeh prayer. The atmosphere in Madina was spiritually electric with amazing voices from talented Qaris including Syrian Qari Abul Waleed.

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Jummah at Madina

Jummuah means to “gather” or “congregate”. Every Friday Muslims congregate for Jummah and an address  or sermon is given by the Imam/Khateeb. The purpose of the sermon is to address key issues that the community faces and to try and provide solutions and a motivational boost to do better in terms of our relationship with Allah ta alaa, his prophet and our positive contribution to society…

Our Jummuahs aim to do just that, with a fresh speaker every week , speaking in a language that our youth understand (English) and addressing key issues every week that range from personal betterment to addressing key issues in society.

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Taraweeh at Madina

We are blessed to have with us a beautiful recitor of the Quran, Qari Abul Waleed, come and enjoy the atmosphere of Ramadhan at Madina and experience the Divine Mercy when the Quran is recited.

10:45 pm

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The Madina Football Academy have been training hard, preparing for their first tournament.

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The Planet Mercy team have been out delivering much needed food to the needy in Picadilly, Manchester.

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