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Pandemic Masjid Support

Support the House of Allah ta aalaa during these difficult times Since the Pandemic in March, we have seen a huge impact on Masaajid with periods of closure, suspension of services, street collection all resulting in loss of income.

Unfortunately the continuous situation is still having a toll on Madina Institute, Masjid and Community Hub with a loss of £2500 a month income. The Masaajid are blessed places and houses of Allah ta alaa and Allah promises a house in paradise for those who establish them and support them. As we are about to hit another month long , possibly longer period of lockdown, we request you to bestow your generosity once again and support the Masjid with your weekly donations as we still have bills to pay and expenses. You can give charity for multiple intentions, for the reward of deceased loved ones, for blessings in the house, for shifaa of ill ones or any other reason. Kindly open your hearts and support us, so that the doors of Allahs mercy maybe open to you.